Friday, December 2, 2011

Hebahan: Ceramah Perdana Ustaz Azhar Idrus & Ustaz Kazim Elias

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Salam, aku tertarik dengan ucapan MB Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.. bacalah ayat beliau kat bawah ni. memang power dan penuh dengan keyakinan yang

"Saya sanggup peruntuk RM15 juta untuk nyatakan kepada Umno kalau ada kita lakukan penyelewengan, salah guna kuasa dan rasuah, ini duitnya untuk kita bagi hadiah cari kesalahan tersebut."

**ini sedikit je petikan dari ucapan beliau. kalau nak baca lebih lanjut, klik - SINI


Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here're 11 Amazing Hidden Messages On Dollar Bills

In a couple of days, United State’s focus will be shifted to the 10-year anniversary of 911 (Sept-11) attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. This could be the sweetest anniversary or remembrance since the attacks because the master-mind, Osama bin Laden, is dead. At the same time, the federal government is escalating security around the US in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

If you’ve business to attend to that require you to fly into the U.S., you may want to postpone it, if it’s not deadly urgent. People can expect more security at airports, mass transit stations, government buildings etc on fear that someone with terrorist sympathies might see September 11 as an opportunity to do something unthinkable. Anyway, there were quite a number of conspiracy theories ever since the shocking attacks on the mighty U.S. soil.

911 Sept 11 World Trade Center

One of these people who think the U.S. faked the Sept 11 terror attacks as an excuse to go to war against Muslims was none other than former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad. Early last year after the release of highly popular “Avatar”, Mahathir was more convince than ever that if U.S. can make Avatar, they (U.S.) can make anything, and this includes attacking their own people. There was also the highly popular US$20 dollar bill World Trade Center conspiracy theory.

Interestingly, if you fold the US$20 bill note in certain simple geometric way, it actually contains picture of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks (no kidding). It was really creepy indeed. Heck, you can even fold the US$20 bill for the “Osama” word. The US$5 and US$10 notes can be folded for the same pictures of the attacks while the US$50 bill shows the building crumbling down. And now, there’re other stunning messages hidden on the U.S. dollar bills as if they were encrypted and waiting to be discovered. Here are some of them, from “Holy Shit” to “We Need A Revolution”, as discovered by artist Dan Tague

Hidden Message Dollar Bills Trust No One
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Live Free Or Die
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Reality Sucks
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Don't Tread On Me
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Holy Shit
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Freedom Land
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Love and Hate
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Save the Coast
Hidden Message Dollar Bills The Kids Are Alright

Hidden Message Dollar Bills We Need A Revolution

Now, if only we can do the same on other currencies such as the Malaysian Ringgit, we may discover some mind-boggling secrets that the present government is trying to hide (or about to be exposed). Can we find Altantuya, Submarine, PKFZ, Corrupt, UMNO Sucks, Sodomy or CSL Dick?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

100 Manusia Terkaya Dunia 2011

Rank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship
1 Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu & family

$74 B 71 telecom Mexico
2 Bill Gates

Bill Gates

$56 B 55 Microsoft United States
3 Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

$50 B 80 Berkshire Hathaway United States
4 Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault

$41 B 62 LVMH France
5 Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

$39.5 B 66 Oracle United States
6 Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal

$31.1 B 61 Steel India
7 Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega

$31 B 75 Zara Spain
8 Eike Batista

Eike Batista

$30 B 54 mining, oil Brazil
9 Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani

$27 B 54 petrochemicals, oil & gas India
10 Christy Walton

Christy Walton & family

$26.5 B 56 Walmart United States
11 Li Ka-shing

Li Ka-shing

$26 B 83 Diversified Hong Kong
12 Karl Albrecht

Karl Albrecht

$25.5 B 91 Aldi Germany
13 Stefan Persson

Stefan Persson

$24.5 B 63 H&M Sweden
14 Vladimir Lisin

Vladimir Lisin

$24 B 55 Steel Russia
15 Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt

$23.5 B 88 L'Oreal France
16 Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson

$23.3 B 78 casinos United States
17 David Thomson

David Thomson & family

$23 B 54 media Canada
18 Charles Koch

Charles Koch

$22 B 75 Diversified United States
18 David Koch

David Koch

$22 B 71 Diversified United States
20 Jim Walton

Jim Walton

$21.3 B 63 Walmart United States
21 Alice Walton

Alice Walton

$21.2 B 61 Walmart United States
22 S. Robson Walton

S. Robson Walton

$21 B 67 Walmart United States
23 Thomas & Raymond Kwok

Thomas & Raymond Kwok & family

$20 B N/A real estate Hong Kong
24 Larry Page

Larry Page

$19.8 B 38 Google United States
24 Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin

$19.8 B 37 Google United States
26 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

$19.6 B 56 Investments Saudi Arabia
27 Iris Fontbona

Iris Fontbona & family

$19.2 B N/A Mining Chile
28 Lee Shau Kee

Lee Shau Kee

$19 B 83 real estate Hong Kong
29 Alexei Mordashov

Alexei Mordashov

$18.5 B 45 Steel Russia
30 Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

$18.1 B 69 Bloomberg United States
30 Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

$18.1 B 47 Amazon United States
32 Michele Ferrero

Michele Ferrero & family

$18 B 84 chocolates Italy
32 Mikhail Prokhorov

Mikhail Prokhorov

$18 B 46 Investments Russia
34 Vladimir Potanin

Vladimir Potanin

$17.8 B 50 nonferrous metals Russia
35 Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

$17.7 B 57 steel, telecom, stocks Russia
36 Azim Premji

Azim Premji

$16.8 B 66 Software India
36 Oleg Deripaska

Oleg Deripaska

$16.8 B 43 aluminum Russia
38 Michael Otto

Michael Otto & family

$16.6 B 68 Retail Germany
39 German Larrea Mota Velasco

German Larrea Mota Velasco & family

$16 B 57 Mining Mexico
39 Rinat Akhmetov

Rinat Akhmetov

$16 B 44 steel, coal mines Ukraine
39 John Paulson

John Paulson

$16 B 55 hedge funds United States
42 Shashi & Ravi Ruia

Shashi & Ravi Ruia

$15.8 B 67 Diversified India
43 Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman

$15.1 B 47 oil, banking, telecom Russia
44 Michael Dell

Michael Dell

$14.6 B 46 Dell United States
44 Susanne Klatten

Susanne Klatten

$14.6 B 49 BMW, pharmaceuticals Germany
46 Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer

$14.5 B 55 Microsoft United States
46 George Soros

George Soros

$14.5 B 81 hedge funds United States
48 Berthold & Theo Jr. Albrecht

Berthold & Theo Jr. Albrecht & family

$14.4 B N/A Aldi, Trader Joes Germany
49 Birgit Rausing

Birgit Rausing & family

$14 B 87 packaging Sweden
50 Vagit Alekperov

Vagit Alekperov

$13.9 B 60 Lukoil Russia
51 Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote

$13.8 B 54 sugar, flour, cement Nigeria
52 Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

$13.5 B 27 Facebook United States
53 Anne Cox Chambers

Anne Cox Chambers

$13.4 B 91 Cox Enterprises United States
53 Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich

$13.4 B 44 steel, investments Russia
55 Jorge Paulo Lemann

Jorge Paulo Lemann

$13.3 B 71 beer Brazil
56 Savitri Jindal

Savitri Jindal & family

$13.2 B 61 Steel India
57 Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor & family

$13 B 59 real estate United Kingdom
57 Paul Allen

Paul Allen

$13 B 58 Microsoft, investments United States
57 Viktor Vekselberg

Viktor Vekselberg

$13 B 54 oil, metals Russia
60 Phil Knight

Phil Knight

$12.7 B 73 Nike United States
61 Robert Kuok

Robert Kuok

$12.5 B 87 Diversified Malaysia
61 Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn

$12.5 B 75 leveraged buyouts United States
63 Mohammed Al Amoudi

Mohammed Al Amoudi

$12.3 B 66 oil Saudi Arabia
64 Donald Bren

Donald Bren

$12 B 79 real estate United States
64 Ronald Perelman

Ronald Perelman

$12 B 68 leveraged buyouts United States
66 Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez

Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez & family

$11.9 B 79 Mining Mexico
67 Francois Pinault

Francois Pinault & family

$11.5 B 74 Retail France
68 Joseph Safra

Joseph Safra

$11.4 B 72 banking Brazil
69 Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson

$11.3 B 49 Fidelity United States
70 Viktor Rashnikov

Viktor Rashnikov

$11.2 B 62 Steel Russia
71 Leonardo Del Vecchio

Leonardo Del Vecchio

$11 B 76 eyewear Italy
72 John Fredriksen

John Fredriksen

$10.7 B 66 shipping Cyprus
72 Stefan Quandt

Stefan Quandt

$10.7 B 45 BMW Germany
74 James Simons

James Simons

$10.6 B 73 hedge funds United States
75 Luis Carlos Sarmiento

Luis Carlos Sarmiento

$10.5 B 78 banking Colombia
75 Horst Paulmann

Horst Paulmann & family

$10.5 B 76 Retail Chile
77 Eliodoro, Bernardo & Patricia Matte

Eliodoro, Bernardo & Patricia Matte

$10.4 B N/A paper Chile
77 Nasser Al-Kharafi

Nasser Al-Kharafi & family

$10.4 B 68 construction Kuwait
79 Sammy Ofer

Sammy Ofer & family

$10.3 B 89 shipping Israel
80 Len Blavatnik

Len Blavatnik

$10.1 B 54 Access Industries United States
81 Hans Rausing

Hans Rausing

$10 B 85 packaging Sweden
81 Ernesto Bertarelli

Ernesto Bertarelli & family

$10 B 45 biotech Switzerland
81 John Mars

John Mars

$10 B 75 candy, pet food United States
81 Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars

$10 B 71 candy, pet food United States
81 Forrest Mars

Forrest Mars

$10 B 80 candy, pet food United States
81 Klaus-Michael Kuhne

Klaus-Michael Kuhne

$10 B 74 shipping Germany
81 Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani

$10 B 49 commodities, infrastructure India
88 Iskander Makhmudov

Iskander Makhmudov

$9.9 B 47 mining, metals, machinery Russia
89 Johanna Quandt

Johanna Quandt

$9.8 B 85 BMW Germany
89 George Kaiser

George Kaiser

$9.8 B 69 oil & gas, banking United States
89 Maria-Elisabeth & Georg Schaeffler

Maria-Elisabeth & Georg Schaeffler

$9.8 B N/A ball bearings Germany
92 German Khan

German Khan

$9.6 B 49 oil, banking, telecom Russia
93 Ananda Krishnan

Ananda Krishnan

$9.5 B 73 telecom Malaysia
93 Dmitry Rybolovlev

Dmitry Rybolovlev

$9.5 B 44 fertilizer Russia
95 Robin Li

Robin Li

$9.4 B 42 Internet China
96 Serge Dassault

Serge Dassault & family

$9.3 B 86 aviation France
97 Kumar Birla

Kumar Birla

$9.2 B 44 commodities India
97 Petr Kellner

Petr Kellner

$9.2 B 47 insurance Czech Republic
99 Leonid Mikhelson

Leonid Mikhelson

$9.1 B 56 Natural gas Russia
100 Cheng Yu-tung

Cheng Yu-tung

$9 B 86 real estate Hong Kong
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