Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here're 11 Amazing Hidden Messages On Dollar Bills

In a couple of days, United State’s focus will be shifted to the 10-year anniversary of 911 (Sept-11) attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. This could be the sweetest anniversary or remembrance since the attacks because the master-mind, Osama bin Laden, is dead. At the same time, the federal government is escalating security around the US in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

If you’ve business to attend to that require you to fly into the U.S., you may want to postpone it, if it’s not deadly urgent. People can expect more security at airports, mass transit stations, government buildings etc on fear that someone with terrorist sympathies might see September 11 as an opportunity to do something unthinkable. Anyway, there were quite a number of conspiracy theories ever since the shocking attacks on the mighty U.S. soil.

911 Sept 11 World Trade Center

One of these people who think the U.S. faked the Sept 11 terror attacks as an excuse to go to war against Muslims was none other than former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad. Early last year after the release of highly popular “Avatar”, Mahathir was more convince than ever that if U.S. can make Avatar, they (U.S.) can make anything, and this includes attacking their own people. There was also the highly popular US$20 dollar bill World Trade Center conspiracy theory.

Interestingly, if you fold the US$20 bill note in certain simple geometric way, it actually contains picture of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks (no kidding). It was really creepy indeed. Heck, you can even fold the US$20 bill for the “Osama” word. The US$5 and US$10 notes can be folded for the same pictures of the attacks while the US$50 bill shows the building crumbling down. And now, there’re other stunning messages hidden on the U.S. dollar bills as if they were encrypted and waiting to be discovered. Here are some of them, from “Holy Shit” to “We Need A Revolution”, as discovered by artist Dan Tague

Hidden Message Dollar Bills Trust No One
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Live Free Or Die
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Reality Sucks
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Don't Tread On Me
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Holy Shit
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Freedom Land
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Love and Hate
Hidden Message Dollar Bills Save the Coast
Hidden Message Dollar Bills The Kids Are Alright

Hidden Message Dollar Bills We Need A Revolution

Now, if only we can do the same on other currencies such as the Malaysian Ringgit, we may discover some mind-boggling secrets that the present government is trying to hide (or about to be exposed). Can we find Altantuya, Submarine, PKFZ, Corrupt, UMNO Sucks, Sodomy or CSL Dick?

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