Monday, August 17, 2009

Downhill Mountain Biking Basics

I dedicated this post to all mountain bikers. I am not the best person to teach someone how to ride, so I guess whatever I put here may help a lot of us. Note to beginners : You don't need a big downhill rig to do all these, trust me. A basic hardtail will do just fine if you do it correctly. So, don't upgrade your bike just yet. Learn the right riding techniques will help you a lot (and save you money) and can make your riding more relax and enjoyable. Not everybody can afford a big bike though - but learning is free :). Enjoy!

        Mountain Biking for Tips, Techniques & Etiquette

        Mountain Bike Settings

        Downhill Mountain Biking Basics

Note : Some of the techniques listed above i.e drifting, is not recommended doing it on XC trails. By doing so can damage the trail. Only do that on the specific downhill trails.

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